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Enhancing Lives of Stroke Survivors & Families


So Cal Stroke Survivors

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Every 40 seconds someone in the US has a stroke. Every 3 minutes, 14 seconds someone dies of a stroke.

So Cal Stroke Survivors is devoted to enhancing the lives of stroke survivors and their families in Southern California by providing comprehensive support, resources, and a nurturing community. Our mission is to be a guiding light on the path to recovery, offering tailored assistance and promoting the well-being of those affected by strokes. Through education, advocacy, and compassionate care, we strive to empower individuals to rebuild their lives with resilience and hope. At So Cal Stroke Survivors, we are committed to fostering a network of understanding and encouragement, ensuring that no stroke survivor faces their journey alone. Together, we work towards a future where every individual affected by stroke in Southern California can thrive and achieve their fullest potential.

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Service Areas: Southern California

Northwest Registered Agent, Inc. (C3184722)

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